Why does this blog exist?

Why does this blog exist?

That’s a really good question.

The short answer is that someone (read: me) figured they had something of value to contribute to the Internet for perhaps wholly self-serving reasons. Which sounds super ego-filled and awful, which I might be, tbh, not sure, ehhhh. But it’s obviously an over-simplifcation!

I am Jacquilinda (a childhood nickname, pronounced Ja-kee-leen-dah), of average height and 23 years (24 in one month exactly). When I’m really loud, it’s fantastic, but most of the time I’m pretty quiet, so I’m blurry around the edges. I’m sassy, though. ALL. THE. TIME.

I’ve got some pretty keen goals I want to accomplish, both of the personal and professional variety. I’ve accumulated a lot of skills from too many years of work and school (I’m on the eight year college plan, which I will save for another post), and a lot of friends (watch me attempt to juggle all my beautiful personal relationships), and a myriad of other passions. I want to incorporate all of these stories into the fabric of this blog, while improving life and writing skills.

That’s a big one for me. Not because I’m aspiring to be a writer or a public speaker. Obviously that leaves only President of the United States. I know what you’re thinking. By now you know enough about me to already see how fabulous I would be in the Ovularescent Office. First order of business? NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF LEOPARD PRINT. I mean, do u need anything else in life? And while I’m in office, I would rename the thing to the Ovary Office. Cause word puns. Yeah!

Just kidding. You’re probably not thinking that. (Even, I may have terrified you, not even one whole post in.)

Actually, I’m an aspiring environmental scientist and conservationist. I feel like the solution to all our social problems is to be great communicators and strong individuals. I hope to cultivate that through the steady process of thinking and writing. In time, I would like to address each of these sub-goals with a (sassy) blog post:

1. Be a good friend!
2. Read lots of books and write corresponding reviews
3. Improve my overall health and fitness (this is an important one, cause my immune system sucks)
4. Travel more, an outside the state in which I reside
5. Pursue my dream career
6. Chase lasting happiness


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